Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Helpful Links

I’m a little bit hesitant about posting this because when I made this tumblr I didn’t want to post the usual repost of a million reposts, but I’ve been using these links for so long and they’ve been so helpful. I hope you guys don’t mind me posting these.

(last warning these are really old, already well-known links I’m sorry followers /weep)

For improving gesture and figure drawings!
-shuffles through many stock images of humans and animals with a handy timer. Also has a nifty class-training mode.

-same concept, some overlap of images and some different from the link above.

-Kinda helpful but most artists don’t recommend this for detailed studying. Quoting the Resources for D/ic/ks site, “Keep in mind though that this uses 3d models and does not realistically show the movement of muscles.” Some of the options available on the site are fun to experiment with, though!

-lotsa lotsa resources for human anatomy

-anatomy with Bridgeman

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Helpful Link!

I get a lot of the tuts/references I post here from archived posts on /ic/, so I was happy I recently found this! It’s a collection of a lot of links posted on /ic/ that encompasses a lot topics like anatomy, composition, painting, etc.

Happy drawing, good luck!