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Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists Joseph Sheppard

Buy it for $10, honestly worth it.

Ah! I actually have this book! It’s nice and really really cheap.. I think I actually got mine used for about $5? Only thing I’d say is that DEFINITELY do not use this as your sole anatomy book and make sure you pick up bridgeman or hampton.. the latter helped me see muscle grouping much better and the former helped me a lot when I began to stylize muscles. 

But, ya! Maybe peruse through a pdf and see if you like it? I mostly just use pdf’s but I find it handy to have at least one or two non-digital anatomy books to reference every now and again 

Friday, December 14, 2012


Figure tutorial by Erik Gist who teaches at Watts Atelier- Source here.

I can’t praise this school enough, it imbued in me great discipline, good foundations, and a more focused outlook on improving myself. The teachers are kick ass people.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Planes of the Face | Download all 22 images here

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Thea’s Anatomy/Figure Drawing Masterpost


This masterpost contains some of the best books to learn from whether it’s surgical anatomy, life drawing, or figure drawing in general. These books are great ways to improve drawing skills, in my experience. I hope others appreciate them as much as I do.

I’ll update if need be. Have fun and enjoy c:

Medical Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy - Henry Gray (pdf)
Color Atlas of Anatomy - Rohen Yokochi (pdf)
Anatomy Coloring Book - Kaplan (pdf)

Artistic Anatomy

Atlas of Human Anatomy for Artists - Stephen Rogers Peck (pdf)
Constructive Anatomy - George Bridgman
Human Anatomy for Art Students - Dover (pdf)
Drawing and Anatomy - Victor Perard (pdf)

Figure Drawing

The Practice and Science of Drawing - Harold Speed (zip)
Figure Drawing for All Its Worth - Andrew Loomis (pdf)
Drawing the Head and Hands - Andrew Loomis (pdf)
Mastering Drawing the Human Figure From Life… - Jack Faragasso (rar)
Drawing the Living Figure - Joseph Sheppard (pdf)
Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life - George Bridgman (pdf)

For whoever wants to download 4.18 GB of anatomy/figure drawing books (torrent)

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Hopefully this is handy for a few folks.

It is a miracle I have people who want to talk to me on a daily basis.

Always love me some hands : D

I always feel good when my professor tells me I draw really expressive hands = u =

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Andrew Loomis books

This is a link to all of Andrew Loomis’s books, which were printed in the 20th century but provide excellent tips on perspective, anatomy, balance, etc… http://alexhays.com/loomis/

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From: pachurz:

Some building block references my Life Drawing teacher drew up for us for our Figure Drawing class. Thought I would impart the wisdom.

Oh shiny~


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I found these images in a folder on my hard drive. I remember I scanned them for someone once from a book. I figured I’d post them on here in case anyone is interested in some cat anatomy tips.